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    I served on the color guard and sceaipl ceremonies detail aboard a US Navy ship for two years. We did many burials at sea. Most of the bodies were kept in deep freeze for weeks until minutes prior to being committed to the deep. We NEVER buried anyone but US soldiers. I was under the impression that this burial was honor based and steeped in naval traditions that went back several hundred years. I was very disturbed to hear that Osama was alleged to receive this honorable treatment. It makes no sense. Unless he (or the body) was (in fact) in service to the US and died in the line of duty ?
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    I have got one recommendation for your wegapbe. It looks like at this time there are a handful of cascading stylesheet problems when opening a selection of wegapbes in google chrome as well as internet explorer. It is running okay in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check this.
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    Osman sizi gül ilahiniz ile tanıdım. Hem parçanın sözleri hemde sesinizin güzelliği kalplere hakikati anlatmaya bir vesile olduğunu düşünüyorum. Allah razı olsun eserleriniz için. iki cihandada başarılar dilerim. Yeni yorumlarınızı bekliyoruz.